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Claremont Ultimate

Since the 80s, Claremont Ultimate has been a noteworthy cultural and athletic organization across the 5Cs. With the establishment of DIII College Ultimate in 2011, Claremont became one of the premier programs in the Division. 2011 Champions. 2014 T-3 finish.

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Tuesday 4:30-6:30 pm
Thursday 4:30-6:30 pm


Saturdays, 4-6PM
at Parents Field

We want you!

All skill levels are welcome to fall practices; these are a great time to learn to play ultimate!


Check out the Claremont women's ultimate team, the Greenshirts!

Stephan "Steph" Kim #18 (C)

Pomona | Senior | Cutter

Owen Bell #48 (C)

Pomona | Senior | Cutter

Hill Balliet #13 (C)

HMC | Sophomore | Handler

Andrew "Rusty" Russell #2

Pomona | Senior | Cutter

Gabe Currier #11

Pomona | Senior | Candler

Will Marks #21

Pomona | Senior | Cutter

Nas Silver-Hajo #68

Pitzer | Senior | Utility

Jacob Bronstein #69

Pitzer | Senior | Handler

Jimmy Bright-Dumm #84

Pitzer | Senior | Utility

Matt Griffith #19

Pomona | Junior | Cutter

Sam "Rook" Warren #23

Pomona | Junior | Cutter

Michael Diamond #27

Pomona | Junior | Handler

Rohin Lohe #50

HMC | Junior | Cutter

Bruce Service #14

CMC | Junior | Handler

Elliot Warner #7

CMC | Sophomore | Handler

Bryce McLaughlin #12

HMC | Sophomore | Cutter

Bailey Albright #16

CMC | Sophomore | Cutter

Phillip "Pip" DiGiacomo #20

HMC | Sophomore | Cutter

Gerard "Gar" Bentley #

Pomona | Rookie | Handler

Jeremy Snyder #88

Pomona | Rookie | Handler

Avi Elkin #30

Pomona | Rookie | Cutter

Harrison Chotzen #0

Pomona | Rookie | Cutter


Pitzer | Rookie | Hype Man

Spencer "Elon" Hayles #16

CGU | Old Guy | Candler

Adam Bronstein COACH


Brainz Hztry

The Claremont Colleges' 5C Ultimate Frisbee team, the Braineaters, was founded in 1979 at Pitzer College with the team name stemming from a 1950's B-movie title. Made up primarily of Pitzer students, the Brains played their first games against teams such as Oxy and Redlands. Founded on the principals of good spirit and fair play, the early teams were led by people such as Jeff Landesman and Howie Wein. Throughout the 80's the team expanded across the 5 colleges, steadily bringing in more and more Pomona and Harvey Mudd students. The late 80's and early 90's saw the Brains establish themselves as the strongest small school Ultimate team in SoCal.

In 2006, the Braineaters had a breakout season, following surprising success at the Trouble in Vegas tournament. They went on to finish fourth at regionals, losing in the "gametogo" to nationals against UCSB. With only 1 bid in 2007, the Brains finished a respectable 3rd at regionals, and after winning their section in 2008, saw dissapointing losses to Arizona and UCSB at regionals to again finish 4th.

With the establishment of DIII College Ultimate, Claremont became one of the premier programs in the Division. In 2011, the Braineaters won their first ever national title behind the strong cutting of Callahan nominee Tommy Li and others. The Braineaterss cemented their names in the more personable division by hosting DIII Warmup in February and appearing at nationals every year since its inception.

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